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Inspiring everyone to reflect on God's word to slow down, simplify, sanctify and give back to the community.

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Bringing hope and inspiration through scripture

As a local nondenominational 501(c)(3) ministry, Reflections provides events, at no cost, to the public in Bakersfield, California. Our invited guest, Craig F. Harrison speaks from the heart and inspires the audience with scripture to slow down, simplify and sanctify their lives.  Funds raised are used to continue the ministry free of charge to attendees and beneficially support the local community.  During the inaugural year, Reflections was able to give back to our homeless and hungry community by way of donations to local nonprofits  St. Vincent De Paul and CityServe.

Free Reflections Events

scholarship opportunities

Reflections for Women is proud to offer five (5) $500.00 Scholarships to students attending Bakersfield College, made possible by our generous donors.

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